2020 UPDATE

We would like to thank everyone for their patience waiting for an announcement regarding this year’s Port Macquarie and district dance eisteddfod.
We have been working hard to fully investigate all options but unfortunately, it is not possible to run our groups, duo/ trio and school groups sections due to the current covid regulations.
Although this is devastating, we are still hopeful we will be able to hold a modified solo competition in partnership with our local dance schools with whom we will be in contact shortly.
We really do appreciate your patience and support and with everyone’s co-operation we are very hopeful we will be able to offer our kids a competition this year. We will endeavour to keep you all updated as soon as is practical so stay tuned.

The Port Macquarie and District Dance Eisteddfod

2020 Dates Saturday 26th September - Sunday 4th October .


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Recently it was brought to my attention that CSU was doing exams on the Glasshouse stage YES the stage & this got me thinking about the fact that our soloists are performing in a school hall does anyone else see the irony here?.

The Glasshouse did cost the community a huge amount of money but it also cost the performing arts community the loss of affordable performance space. For the council to serve the community properly proper consultation should be taking place to ensure the Performing Arts community is having their needs met because currently, they are not.

Please help us to convince the council to allow our kids to utilise this community space to the fullest. PLEASE Sign our petition & SHARE! SHARE! SHARE!.



2019 Entries: Now CLOSED 

Entries closed Sunday the 24th of June 2019


2019 Syllabus 



Venue:- The Glasshouse


THURSDAY 26th September 2019

FRIDAY 27th - SUNDAY 29th 2019


DATES 2020

Schools Night :Thursday 24/9/20

Groups / Troups Start :Friday 25/9/20



Please use the following information as a guide only.

2019 Schools Night Program.pdf

Glasshouse Entry Infants & Primary Schools.pdf

Glasshouse Entry Secondary Schools Sign In.pdf

2019 TICKETS: $10.00 each, limit of 4 per family.

Ed School :Tickets on sale from The Glasshouse Box Office from 9am Tuesday 3rd September 2019



2019 Basic Group Program.pdf

Dressing Room entry Information.pdf

2019 TICKETS : $12.00 each. Tickets on sale from The Glasshouse Box Office from 9am Monday 9th September 2019

 Each Session is approximatly 4hrs long

  2020 SOLOS

  Venue :Mackillop College Jr Campus

   Cnr Ocean Dr & Greenmeadows Dr

   Port Macquarie, 2444 New South Wales



   Basic 2019 Novice & Intermediate program.pdf 

   Basic 2019 Open program.pdf

Once the Basic 2020 Program is done you will be able to find out if you are in group A B C etc by sending a short text 0408827377 EG Sally Smith Novice Lyrical 8yrs/u         

  No explanation necessary :) .

  Tickets at the Door 



    Novice & Intermediate Adjudicator 2019 : Nathan Sheens.pdf

    Groups Adjudicator 2019: Pru Wilson.pdf

    Open Adjudicator 2019: Kieron Kulik.pdf 


   BABY DANCE / Years/u   

 Winning a mixed genre section EG Baby Dance / A Young Performers           Section at any Eisteddfod does not affect any entries into novice sections       at the Port Macquarie Eisteddfod.

HOWEVER:-If you have won first place in a regular section (EG a Jazz Section) at any age at an Eisteddfod/Dance competition that only has one level Please enter open for that style EG You may enter the winning style in Open baby dance or open Jazz 8yrs/u Not novice or intermediate, You must stay in open for Jazz for all future Eisteddfods.

Please make sure you enter the correct level as you will not be permitted to move to the correct section once the program is finalised .If you win 1st before our closing date you must log back in & update your entry.

Enquiries & Withdrawrals:

OR Text 0408827377

Please read the 2019 Syllabus pdf before you contact us.

Due to the large number of competitors we do not accept changes unless we have made an error.

Dont forget always print your entry and ask your teacher to check it .

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