UPDATE: We are happy to say that we have secured a permanent booking with the Glasshouse for the first weekend of the September school holidays for the Groups section of the Eisteddfod.

However the news is not so good for the solos. Although we are now able to book the two weeks of the September school holiday for solos the cost of hiring it has gone up so much from the first year we hired it we just cant afford it and sadly it remains empty for most of the school holidays.


We believe the council should support the arts in the same way it supports sporting groups with sporting fields & lets face it even Skate Boarders get a better deal.                                                                


The Port Macquarie-Hastings Council won’t let the dance eisteddfod into the Glasshouse during the September school holidays for the time frame required.

They have stated that their financial obligation to the wider community is greater than their obligations to local children involved in the dance community. The parents, grandparents and families of these same children pay rates & buy tickets to sell out dance performances at the Glasshouse

After 30 years of support, Port Macquarie Hastings Council (Glasshouse) will not permit the Eisteddfod Society access to the only community performance space in the region for the period of time that is needed for the success of the dance eisteddfod. The Port Macquarie and District Dance Eisteddfod has thrived for 32 years in the two weeks of the September school holidays and grown into one of the state's premier regional dance eisteddfods. The Glasshouse has decided that the Port Macquarie Dance Eisteddfod can start in future years during the last week of the school term and that school holidays are not essential to the success of this event. Even after the eisteddfod committee explained that there are school exams leading up to the September school holidays for most age groups the Glasshouse management did not comprehend a problem. A change of dates to begin during the school term would significantly impact on the competitors, their families and our ability to raise enough manpower to run our wonderful eisteddfod.

The dance eisteddfod only needs 17 days once a year during the September school holidays, which is only one of the four NSW School holidays.

The children of this region deserve to have access to the state-of-the-art facility that was built for them at least that is how it was sold to the dance community. 

Glasshouse management has also stated they are seeking to provide opportunities for members of the public other than the dance community during the school holiday period. It should be noted that art workshops have co-existed with the dance eisteddfod at the Glasshouse in previous years harmoniously.  

Historically the Port Macquarie Hastings Council has been a long-term supporter of this event something we are very grateful for, however this year the Council is not sponsoring the dance eisteddfod in any way. This is a very disappointing turn of events.

If you feel, as we do that the Glasshouse and the Port Macquarie-Hastings Council have let the dance community down please write to the Administrator Neil Porter at to express your opinion on this issue or if you have a background in dealing with the Council and community matters and you think you can help us please E-Mail the Dance Eisteddfod at .